Kugoo electirc brake pads/disc brake
Kugoo electirc brake pads/disc brake
Kugoo electirc brake pads/disc brake
Kugoo electirc brake pads/disc brake
Kugoo electirc brake pads/disc brake
Kugoo electirc brake pads/disc brake
Kugoo electirc brake pads/disc brake
Kugoo electirc brake pads/disc brake

Kugoo electirc brake pads/disc brake

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KUGOO Electric Scooter Brake Components: Precision, Durability, and Safety

Enhance your KUGOO electric scooter's braking system with our premium brake components. Designed for a variety of KUGOO models, these parts ensure reliable and effective stopping power. Discover the key features of our brake pads, disc brakes, and brake calipers below:
Precision Brake Pads for Optimal Performance
Our KUGOO brake pads provide precise and consistent braking performance. Designed to fit models such as KUKIRIN G2 Pro, KUKIRIN G2 Max, G3, G3Pro, Q06 Pro, Q30, M4 Pro, and G4, these pads ensure smooth and controlled stopping power, enhancing your ride's safety and reliability.
Durable Disc Brakes for Long-Lasting Use
The KUGOO disc brakes are built to withstand heavy usage and tough conditions. With models available for KIRIN G2 Pro, G2 Max, G3, G3Pro, Q06 Pro, Q30, M4 Pro, and G4, these disc brakes offer superior durability and heat dissipation, ensuring consistent braking performance and longevity.
Reliable Brake Calipers for Front and Rear
Our KUGOO brake calipers provide dependable braking for both front and rear wheels. Compatible with models like KIRIN G2 Pro, G2 Max, G3, G3Pro, Q06 Pro, Q30, M4 Pro, and G4, these calipers deliver robust clamping force and efficient braking, enhancing overall safety and control.
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We recommend inflating its tires to 31.9-34.8 psi (220-240 kPa).
The actual range depends on a variety of factors such as battery status, tire pressure, load, temperature, wind speed, road conditions, and riding habits.
220lbs or below would be the best-case scenario for riding. A heavy-loaded scooter will lessen your range and average speed. You could take it into consideration.
Hi, generally, the charge and discharge cycle of a lithium-ion battery will officially end when it can reach 500 times. In terms of the most common use of electric scooters, we may charge once every 3 days on average, about 120 to 125 times a year, based on this frequency, if you have good maintenance, the battery of the electric scooter The life span is really long!
If the G3 model can only reach a top speed of 15-18 mph, you can hold the brake and double-click the power switch button to release the speed limit.
KUGOOKIRIN Scooter does use some waterproof materials to prevent daily splash, but we do not recommend riding on a rainy day for any safety risk. A greater priority to KUGOOKIRIN is the safe use of our scooters. After all, it's an electric scooter.
KUGOOKIRIN provides a reliable warranty that is processed in the most hassle-free way possible,we built a after sales service center in Poland in case of there are any warranty problems.
Safety First, you should wear a helmet while start riding it and beware of the local weather, then watch for the hazards on the road, and never forget to lock up your scooter after a ride.
Everything you hate about commuting is solved. Say goodbye to traffic, delays, and uncertainty. With a lightweight electric vehicle, you can hop in the bike lane and on local streets and get wherever you need to go faster than ever before.
Hi, we don't recommend you ride it in the snow, it's dangerous, and the battery will run out faster than normal under 0 ℃.
No, however, we do not recommend charging the scooter for longer than a maximum of 24 hours.
Yes. The more battery power is consumed, the lower the voltage, and the corresponding maximum speed will be slower.