Where to Park your Electric Scooter Outside? | Please Don't

More and more escooters on the road so here definitely comes a problem, 

  • Where can I park my escooter? 
  • My gosh! Why my scooter falls again on the floor? 
  • Oh, crash! Where is my scooter?!! (lool, sorry, that is too funny.)

Yup, since that is really a big problem everyone with a scooter has to face with.


So, where should you park your best escooter? 

  • electric scooter parking racks
  • bike rack
  • areas closer to the curb
  • areas that are not blocking the way or filled with crowds or vehicles

All the place above is good and you could try the next parking time.


Dockless Scooter Parking - National Mall and Memorial Parks (U.S. National  Park Service)


Okay, well, since we have know the suitable places for parking, we still need to get some information about...


"Please Don't"

1. Don't leave it in a space that can block others’ paths.

  • A footpath
  • Driveways
  • Building entrance, gate
  • Emergency exits or doorways
  • Bus stops or subway stations
  • Private places, such as others' house, etc.

If you park the places above, I can't promise your scooter can be the way before you leave :>

Also, especially the emergency exits or doorway, which are the life exits in case. 


2. Please don't leave it flat on the ground.

It is not good to leave the scooter flat on the road even it is a shared escooter.

Leaving it flat on the ground not only covers too much space but also disturbs others' escooters parking. 

What's worse, others may give your scooter a kick. xd..


Parking Guide

  • Find a right palces as above
  • Also a flat and stable surface to park
  • Remember to put down the scooter's kickstand
  • Lock your escooter



Even parking for a while, we cannot always lucky everytime parking without locked.

No one wanna come back and find out his scooter is missing. 

Here are some types of locks for you to choose, check You should lock it.

And you can easily buy these locks online or in the bike or scooter stores.


Thanks for reading and hope to help you to some extent.

Also wish you a happy day~










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