Where to Get My Electric Scooter Repaired? | All Reliable Options for You
11.17.2021 | kugooscooter | Electric Scooter

That is ture that we always come across some problems that happen to our e-scooters when we are going to get out for work or just to buy something in the nearby shop, which really does make us crazy and have nothing to do with it.

Yeah, daily maintainence may help but it just happened and I need it to ride asap. I will give you a super maintainence in the later blogs but now let us get to know where can I get my electric scooter repaired right now!

Okay, here is some places you can find.


From Forum or Internet,

Find the answers on the electric scooter forum, where there are so many professional problems solutions, but there is not answer, maybe you should wait for a while.

Or you just ask your friend who owns an e-scooter, he will be a quick helper for you~


Repair by Yourself,

Because the electric scooters are not so complex and some common problems we can easily solve this by ourselves. Check your instruction manual, hopefully you can find the solution~


If you still can not get your scooter work normally, maybe you should look for professional help and this is really a good way and it does save your much time without driving you crazy.

Get to the Local Electric Vehicle Repair Store,

Most of the cities have such stores for e-scooters repairation. If you are lucky to live near the store, than you can just head towards there and get you scooter happily solved. Or you are still not sure, find the store by Google search. 


Get Help from the Seller,

If your scooter is still in the warranty period, you can just ask the aftersale service and find the solutions. Or the waranty time is over, you can still find the answer from them. They will definitely kind and helpful to help you get your scooter repaired. Just find the email or other ways to get to caontact with the aftersales service person.


Get to the Bicycle Shop,

If all the things can't help, maybe you can carry your scooter to a bicycle to get repaired maybe they could help you. Some bicycle shop may can help you repair the easy things that are similar to the bicycle. But maybe they won't do this work because they are not professional and are scared to make something worse with your scooter.


Hope this blog helps you to find the places to repair your electric scooter and if you have any problems about e-scooter, feel free to contact us! Thank you for reading~