Tips to Ride an Electric Scooter Safely in Winter
12.15.2021 | kugooscooter | Electric Scooter

More and more people choose to buy an escooter for commute and these days are so cold, with slippery road, snowy and rainy days, all of which make escooter riding much more dangerous. 

But sometimes we have to ride it for safety or anything else, so here are some winter riding tips for you.

Winter Tips for E-Scooter Ride


Protect yourself from cold winter

Warm & waterproof clothing(with reflective strips will help in dark road), sarf, a pair of gloves and anything makes your body warmer.

You could choose to wear waterproof clothing which makes you warm, not afraid of the cold wind and sometimes maybe it is snowing or raining lightly. 

Because keeping warm and dry can help you much more focused while riding and the riding conditions. 


If needed, you could choose to wear a scarf so that your neck won't be frozen. 

It is necessary to give your hands an extra care because they are the most brave fighters in the winter.

You should give them tough protective gear and ride your happy but cold escooter :<


Remember to keep hands free to use the throttle and change gear. 


Check your scooter

  • Make sure get your scooter fully charged and if the scooter can take you to your destination. No body wants to stop half the road and fing your scooter a charging place in such a cold day.
  • And if your scooter tires are in correct pressure. 
  • All the parts of scooter work normally, such as the acceleration and brake system. And your light can give you better and safe ride in dark place.
  • Clean your scooter before ride, for the reason that all the road grit can corrode the bodywork and cause all sorts of damage.


Check the weather & the road

Check the weather and road ahead of time, and decide the right commute way, if still escooter, you could find a better riding route if the bad road conditon in small rain or snow getting worse.

Also give your journey plenty of time. 


Extra Preparation

Carry your mobile phone together and some cash in case. 



A full-face helmet

Have you ever found that your head always frozen than any other body parts while walking on the road?

Haha, that is for sure. There is nothing covered your head so just your poor hair can't handle with such a winter monster!

So the same is ture for the escooter riding or even harder.

Give your head a full-face helmet is, to some extend, to give your warmth and good protection from hurting but to be honest, it actually saves my life! My frozen head(crying...)


When you wear a helmet, most your body heat is lost through your head and at this time, your visor should be clear, clean.

Also take care of the helmet, I mean no scratch would be better.

You could choose a helmet with ventilation whcih prevent steaming up.


Be aware of the road conditions

Winter road conditions can be much more dangerous and harder than summer's.

You would find out the edges of roads - slipperier and ice, which stays longer time and takes longer to thaw in shady areas.

Also watch out the potholes and areas that have not been gritted.


In snow and ice road, please be slowly and gently when braking, accelerating, clutching, steering and throttle.

OF course the braking distances are increased on slippery roads.


Be aware of others

You should always keep an eye on the cars, pedestrians, electric skateboards, electric scooters and other road users.

Try to leave plenty of space between yourself and others. Safety first.