The Best Way to Commute - a No-license Electric Scooter
07.05.2021 | kugooscooter | Electric Scooter

Nothing is more painful than the daily commute for some urbanites.

If you choose to take a bus or subway to get to work, it is inevitably to have a close relationship of the uncle next door, so many people save money even borrow money in order to buy a private car.

But even if you have a Maserati, you have to be able to drive on the road during peak hours. In case of a big traffic jam one day, deduction of wages for late arrival makes a poor life worse.

SO, a No-license KUGOO Electric Scooter is the savior for you!

An e-scooter can give you many benefits, making commuting to get off work easy, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. What’ more? Unlicensed scooters mean that they can be ridden on British roads without a license or insurance. Here are some of the benefits of electric scooters on the way to work as bellow:

Easy to Use

The KUGOO e-scooters are easy to ride for kids and old people. Most of the e-scooters are about 15kg, which are light for us to carry. And the e-scooter can be folded as well, which is space saving and a good for travelling companion.


As we know, the greenhouse effect is worse and worse. If you also want to do your part to protect the environment, please choose an electric scooter as a tool for daily commuting. Travel in green, decompress the planet.

No Noise

Congested traffic brings air pollution, also the noise. Car horn, running motor noise can be heard everyday. However, our e-scooters do not have any noise, so you can rest your mind to enjoy your riding.

Balance and movement

Long time sitting in front of your computer is bad for your health. If you don’t have extra time for exercise, then riding an e-scooter not only can send you to your working place, but also act as a sport equipment, making you active for a new day coming.

More Safety

No-license e-scooters, fitted with LED headlights and taillights enable you to see clearly in low light conditions, better guarantee your riding safety.

Time Saving

Especially during the peak traffic hour, you don’t need to scratch your head when the bus doesn't move, or bumping up against each other on crowded subways. Freely weave through the interstitial traffic and no lateness for your work any more.


Final Thoughts

No-license e-scooters are best choice for fro to work because of its cost saving and eco-friendly, also light and convenient for you to travel to deal with daily errands.

You don’t have to worry about passing driving tests or any other things related to getting a license. No license needed to ride an e-scooter in UK.

So, where can I buy an e-scooter?

Please visit the KOGOO official website, where you can choose the right electric scooter you want. Action is better than heart!