KUGOO KIRIN B2 (KIRIN V1) Folding Electric Bike - a Bike Worth Trying

The KUGOO KIRIN B2 (KIRIN V1), KUGOO KIRIN B1 Pro and KUGOO KIRIN B1 are 3 kinds of e-bikes for sale on the KUGOO store. All three electric bikes have their own strengths but here, I would like to talk about the newest model, the focus of most attention - the KUGOO KIRIN B2.





The KUGOO KIRIN B2 is the latest version of the kugoo e-bike. the highlight of the KUGOO KIRIN B2 is the large 400W motor with 14" pneumatic tyres, allowing you to easily reach a top speed of 28mph (45km/h)

(3 riding modes: pedal mode, pure electric mode - 45km/h, moped mode - 50 -60km/h) and can reach a maximum range of 25km.


In addition, the KUGOO KIRIN B2 has an extra seat in the middle of the bike for children, which is a thoughtful design compared to the previous two models. It can be removed at any time if you don't need it.


The KUGOO KIRIN B2, like the other two e-bikes, supports App control. Download the app and pair your Kugoo E-scooter via Bluetooth. It allows you to access controls on your fingertips.


More Highlights


  • 14 Inch Inflatable Rubber Tire

        Take into account the shock absorption and safety, for a more comfortable ride.


  • 400W Motor
    Powerful drive with 400 W motor and reach a maximum running distance of 25 km.


  • Bright Headlight
    The headlight consists of a series of bright LEDs for safer riding at night. LED strip on the side of the bike allows riders to be seen in low lights.


  • Light & Fast-folding Design
    3 seconds fast-folding design, stable and convenient. 18kg, light and portable to carry in the heavy traffic.


For more info about KUGOO KIRIN B2 on the KUGOO official website.

You can also find more electric bikes or electric scooters on the KUGOO official website.

Any questions about electric bikes or electric scooters, please feel free to contact us!

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