Is an Electric Scooter Easy to Ride? | Maybe You Should Try
10.13.2021 | kugooscooter | Electric Scooter

Aright, let us find out is it easy or difficult to ride an electric scooter for adults hand in hand~

A shameful experience just hit me, and I won’t tell you that I have fallen from the e-scooter before riding it when I was little.



Come on, buddies, don't snooze please. Move to the main road!

Secret riding tips for you(okay, just normal)


  1. Know your baby scooter like a mum

You should be familiar about the scooter you bought, something like battery, electric motor, range, etc.

Then you know how long it can take you after a full charge which may reduce many unnecessary problems. Nobody wants to stop half the way and push to your home in such a cold and dark night.

I'm sad if it happens to me. But if it happened to you, okay, you deserve it haha.



  1. Check daily to see if your baby scooter is well

You can check something like below,

  • Tires in good condition

Good inflated tires enable you to ride smooth and comfortable. So, always check the tires of your scooter before taking it out of the door.

  • Folded and locked in place

Before ride, you should unfold your scooter and make sure the standing pole is locked stably and the chassis firmly placed on the ground.

Especially after ride, you should careful about folding your scooter locked into place in case damage to your scooter and yourself.

  • Full charged before ride

You brush your teeth before going to bed so full charge it before riding, like a daily habit.

You don't want to be stuck on your way to work because of running out of power! Oh, that's too bad...

  1. Wear a suitable gear

Always wear your gear while riding, for safety and your families.

Don't just put your helmet on your head and set off! You should put it on your head properly and buckle it on!



  1. Kick off & start

Put one foot on the deck, kick off and push down on the accelerator.

For most electric scooters, you could get the scooter up to around 5 kmh for the motor to engage, though scooters with zero start don’t require kicking off.

Make sure the kickstand is up, avoiding something stupid happening aha.


  1. Use acceleration to ride, brake to stop

Once you have mastered these two basic operations, you are basically ready to hit the road. 

“The master teaches the trade, but apprentice rs skill is self-made.”


  1. Use a lock

Remember to locked your scooter with a high quality lock such as a U-lock.

And a solid locking tip for you, you could lock your scooter through or around the frame, a permanent carrying handle or through the folding mechanism, which is harder for others you know.


Well, something practical for you to have a better riding experience. Below are some tips for you.

Secret tips I only tell you:


  • Slightly bend your knee

Bend your knees moderately for a more comfortable riding position. Yes, from my riding experience. Maybe you should try it.

  • Back straight & posture naturally

Just like long time sitting in front of your computer every working days, sitting upright allows us to work longer in comfort.

The same as riding an electric scooter.

Always keep your back straight and ride it in a comfortable position, esp. long ride.



  • Bunny hopping

Your body lifts up and is a bit like a very light jump as you cross the bumps (hence the name "bunny hop")

In this way, when going over bumps, your scooter only has to support its own weight, which is easy for your scooter to handle such thing.

  • Vertical ride over obstacles

This is a good way to ride when there is an unavoidable obstacle in front of you.

Less shock so better ride.

  • Stay focused

Electric scooters for adults can reach a speed that is fast enough to throw you off, especially on downhill slopes. Concentrate, man.


Want to ride longer? Still tips for you :>


  • Reducing the weight carried by scooters

The heavier the load, the harder it is to move forward. And more energy  consumption, less ride.

If we can try to reduce the weight of the items we carry. If you happen to get a nice figure, then we can reduce ours~


  • Inflate tires

Inflate your tires to the recommended pressure, which will reduce rolling resistance.

Besides, lower pressure will cut your range. And you are more prone to see a f**k flat tire.


  • Keep your max speed down

If you ride in a higher speed, then the wind will be much heavy, then your scooter needs more torque to overcome the wind resistance, so more energy consumed.

Yo, you have read the sentence above, I am so grateful. :)


  • Carry an extra battery

If you have own a super small size battery for your scooter but you want to ride much more longer, however, wasting time charging on the way is not your style.

Then a full charged battery can be your choice, of course giving you a longer ride than one battery.


Another easy way to get longer range is, just buy one that can satisfy your riding needs. Both motor and battery are two key factors to max your riding distance.

Here are some electric scooters with powerful motors and big size batteries that are designed for a long ride.

You can have a look if you are right looking for a new electric scooter on Kugoo(UK) - Official Certified Site.