How to Store Your Electric Scooter in Winter | Get these Tips Now
12.08.2021 | kugooscooter | Electric Scooter

Winter comes, so taking good care of your super fastest electric scooter for this cold period is one of the to do lists. 

Here we have some tips for you to better store your scooter but we should know something about your escooters.


Things the escooter are afraid of !

Water, humidity, sand, salt, low temperature ( low temperature reduces the performance)


So, it is wiser for us to protect our scooters far away from the above 5.


You could find a soft piece of dry cloth to clean your escooter after ride. To clean the water, sand, unknow salt in the sand and dust, etc. Better protection enables longer service life.  


What to keep in mind to save your driving pleasure the next spring ?

  • Before storing, 

Make sure your e scooter is clean and dry. After clean, DON'T forget to dry the scooter.  It is a good idea to wrap your scooter in a bag after cleaning. 

Find a good place for storing the scooter, somewhere not damp and not too hot or cold, and 15 – 25 °C is ideal. Extreme temperature is not good for your battery. 

Charge the battery about 50% and everything will be right, not true actually, then move to the next one aha~


  • Escooter stored during winter

You should charge your e scooter every 3 months or depend on the condition of the battery, for about half an hour. You could check it by starting the scooter to see how it performs.  Of course keep it away from flammable materials.


Most of the people charge the battery 100%, but they forget and leave it on all winter which is really bad for the battery itself cause fully charged for a long time will reduce its life cycle capacity.

If you still forget to charge it every 3 month maybe you can cahreg it 100% and then discharge it to 90%, by running it for a few minutes so you are able to take the top charge off.
Ideally, store it at about 50% charge. 50% is a good storage voltage and it won't cause long-term damage.


After winter, what to do before riding your escooter ? 

  • Clean your scooter

If you open the bag and happen to find it a little dirty with dust or anything else, it is not bad to clean and dry it as well before your first spring riding.

  • Check your scooter

Check all the features, such as the brakes, lights, folding mechanisms, etc, in a normal condition to save your life. (seriously)

  • Fully charge your escooter

After a long time period of discharging, it is better to have your scooter fully charegd before you go. 


Hope these do help you~ Thank you for reading :>