How to Keep My Electric Scooter Last Longer | Terminal Maintenance Guide
11.25.2021 | kugooscooter | Electric Scooter

How to Keep Your Electric Scooter Last Longer?

Electric scooters are appearing in the streets with an irresistible trend. However, electric scooters are not very cheap, after all, they are electric.

But, in fact, many similar situations arise frequently, such as the battery consumes too fast, electric scooters can not start or even ride!

At this point, the daily maintenance is quite important. It's better than waiting until you have a big problem with your electric scooter and sending it off to spend a large amount of money on repairs!


Many things, do it and don't wait until it's too late to regret.

Although not quite appropriate, but that is.


Let's see how to do routine maintenance?

It's as easy as brushing your teeth every day to make it a habit, and it's not very time consuming.


Let's take a look!

Daily maintenance of electric scooters,


  • Charge it regularly

You should have your scooter charged regularly, like charging your phone. Here is the reason. If you continue to drive with a very low battery charge, the power cell will be deeply discharged, thus reducing the life of the power cell.

You can charge your vehicle once a day to improve the performance of the power battery.



  • Protect the charger

Many electric scooter users only pay attention to the battery, but ignore the charger, in fact, the charger is not necessarily able to charge is good. Electronic products will generally age after a few years of use, and chargers are no exception. If your charger is faulty, it will cause the electric scooter battery to be undercharged, naturally affect the battery life as well.

Each scooter manufacturer generally has individual requirements for chargers, so don't change them without knowing the charger model.


  • Avoid riding in the rain

Even though the electric scooters in uk are kind of water resistance with IP54, but, umm, they are so weak when facing the a lot of water from the above or the ground, because their batteries, their motors!

The IP54 value can only cope with very little rain and shallow puddles on the ground, if you are not sure, it is better not to ride in the rain, after all, the weather is unpredictable, how do you think, dude?



But don’t worry, if you happened to small rain and no much water on the road, ( the water won’t splashes into your battery or your motor, or any dust, debris running into your wheel, motor, then it will be okay), then it won’t come with so many problems, just remember to check and clean your scooter after arriving your destination if possible.

If it rains a lot, get off your electric scooter! Even if you don't care about your electric scooter, think about your own personal safety! I'm not joking!

Driving an electric scooter in heavy rain is horrible, the floor will be super wet, the wheels will be very easy to slip, even if your wheels are very big with grainy pneumatic tires, but there is still a danger!!!


  • Avoid loss of charge when storing

If the vehicle is stored for a long time, it is best to keep the power battery charge at 60%. The battery itself has a self-discharge problem and once the battery is fully discharged, the entire battery pack is essentially scrapped.

Therefore, in order to avoid the degradation of battery performance caused by long-term storage, it is recommended that you charge and discharge your vehicle once a month.


  • Check the spareparts

Remember to check your spare parts like the braking handle, the stand pole, the bolts, the folding clips, the foot-brace stand and so on.

Check if these spare parts are normally work, then nothing unnecessary will happen and destroy your e scooter.

For example, if the foot-brace stand is loose, then you might accidentally leave your scooter on the parking place but go to the convenience shop and suddenly hearing “ BOOM”. Wow, that is indeed your scooter lying on the road, and over other’s scooter aha, amazing~


  • Keep it clean

Remember to clean your scooter after every ride. Firstly, to look good and be comfortable; secondly, to maintain the performance of the scooter and gives you a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience.

Clean your scooter, and ride your happiness.


These are some of the daily maintenance we can do, if you have some more good suggestions, please feel free to add them in the comment section~ Thank you! :>


If my electric scooter can't go any further, then the above daily maintenance may not help.



Then, it is advisable to call a professional or if you still not sure, check here.

We wish the adult electric scooter can be an adult like us, strong and considerate.

If we take care of it, it will~