How to Charge Your Electric Scooter? | Additonal Tips for You
12.01.2021 | kugooscooter | Electric Scooter

We have prepared a lot of charging methods for you here so that you can charge your electric scooter better and more conveniently, after all, sometimes you may not find a suitable outlet.


The most common way,

Plug the charger directly into the scooter


  1. Find the charging terminal on the scooter and plug in the charger. The charging port is usually located at the base of the scooter. Once you find it, plug the charger in securely until it is connected.

It is best to use the configured scooter charger, as other chargers may not charge your scooter well because of the different voltage, plugs.


  1. Plug the other end of the charger into a standard wall outlet. The light on the charger lights up to indicate that it is charging.
  2. When the battery is fully charged, unplugthe wall socket first and then the charger on the scooter.

Refer to the instruction manual for the length of the charge, but of course too much charging may damage the charging capacity of the charger.


The more troublesome method,

Charge the battery directly


You need to remove the battery from the scooter body, sometimes the battery may be inside the riser (this is generally a smaller battery, we directly use method one to charge the electric scooter is good), most of the battery is in the bottom of the car seat.

  • Use a screwdriver to remove the panel, the battery line above the battery should also be removed with a wrench or screwdriver, after which you can take the battery off.

Remember to put the removed screws and wires in place.

Make sure that the scooter is closed when the battery is removed!

AVOID touching the metal end of the cable with your bare hands!

  • Plug the cable terminals into the appropriate plug-in charger.If the scooter's battery terminals are covered by plastic connectors, simply plug them into the charger until you hear a click. You may have a plastic terminal with two wires, or two cables with two plastic ends. If you have two cables, plug the red cable into the positive terminal of the charger and the black cable into the negative terminal.

Do not try to force the fit, as the plastic connector may break.

  • Connect a two-pipe charger to a battery cable with exposed wires.A two-pipe charger will have two cables with metal ports, terminals or clips on the end designed to establish a current connection to the exposed battery wires. Connect the red cable from the battery to the red cable of the charger and the black battery cable to the black charger cable.

Plug the charger into a standard electrical outlet.


How to keep your battery healthy for a long period of time?


  1. Charge it before it die. Low power left is not good for your battery service life.
  2. If you don’t need it for a long time, charge it every months around 40-60% power left, and maybe you could check it if it is lower than 40%, each battery has different performance.
  3. Charge it every time after riding it. So charge at night could be a good idea for escooters in uk.
  4. Charge it within the recommended hours, said in the instruction manual.

Of course, take care of your charger, since your battery needs its best friend - Mr Charger.


If you have any QUESTIONS with your electric scooter, you could tell us and we would try to figure out that, thank you for reading :>