Electric Scooters Tires: Pneumatic vs Solid, Who Wins?

Hard to choose for the first time when buying an escooter for your life, uh?

Seems that everyone with an escooter in air-filled tires? Are the choices of most people right for you? Let's have a see.


The escooter tires directly influence your riding experience, comfortable or terrible. 

After understanding the advantages and disadvantages of the 2 types of tires, we need to make a trade-off. 


All right, here is a Performance Comparison table for you,


Pneumatic Tires

Air-filled Tubeless Tires


Tubeless tires are common on automobiles. 
They are more puncture resistant and have higher performance.

Premium and high performance scooters are often equipped with these tires. 

You may have to take the entire wheel to a tire store and have them take it off with a tire changer when you get a flat tire. 
Sounds like a big trouble.


Pneumatic Tires with Inner Tube

Close up of Xiaomi M365 front tire


Bicycles and electric scooters usually use inner tube pneumatic tires.

The heavy outer tire "shell" has a separate inner tube inside the outer tire to store air and has a valve stem.

When the outer tire of your electric scooter is punctured, you also only need to repair or replace the inner tube.


Advantages of Pneumatic Tires

Less rolling friction, better traction, better ride cushioning,

It means, 

Less rolling friction --- less energy loss---more range & higher top speed 

Supple rubber --- less likely to slip --- stop more quickly & Nice traction in wet road

Air pressure in the tire --- absorb bumps --- Good ride cushioning


Disadvantages of Pneumatic Tires

Flat & tire pressure, 

It happens if your tires are air-filled tires, getting flat on the ride.

Also, you need to check the tire pressure are suitable for better ride.

But solid tires, not necessary.


Soild Tires

Solid Filled Tires

Booster V front wheel motor


Filled solid tires contain rubber, foam or other solid polymer fillings.

These tires are structurally heavier and harder and durable, but they can be damaged and worn over time.

Although they are not as quickly as pneumatic tires broke down.

However, these tires are more difficult to replace when they wear out.


Solid Honeycomb Tires


Honeycomb tires, which can be clearly seen as having a "honeycomb" or "air pocket" structure.

The honeycomb tire comes with air holes, which provides more cushioning compared to filled solid tires.

They are also relatively lighter in weight than soild filled tires, but not as light as pneumatic tires.


Advantages of Soild Tires

No flat tires or needs to deal with air pressure,

They are also less expensive than pneumatic tires in general cost or maintenance.


Disadvantages of Soild Tires

Heavy, worse traction, worse ride quality,

Generally, they are heavier than air-filled tires, and they have worse traction particularly in wet conditions.  

So, be careful when brake or accelerate since they have less rolling friction. 



I am sure you guys have known some useful information about air-filled tires and soild tires, so it is not hard to make a decision on the tire types, soild or air-filled. 

Hope this blog help you anyway.


Wish you a happy escooter ride. 

& Thanks for you reading. :>



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